Trolley Tracking

Around 13,000 baggage trolleys are distributed throughout the airport to service its enormous passenger flow, so maintaining a steady supply of trolleys for passengers at different locations is a major concern. The Real-time Trolley Supply Monitoring System (RTSMS) is a unique solution for this challenge, developed through close collaboration between HKIA and local research, development institutions and universities.

RTSMS uses artificial intelligence to analyse video data from CCTV images, allowing the system to identify and count different types of trolleys. Edge processing improves cost efficiency by eliminating the need for high bandwidth video transfer while maintaining image quality and data quantity. The system also uses data-oriented analysis and big data analysis for long-term resource planning, as it continuously collects operational data on trolley usage and replenishment.

The system not only greatly reduces the need for manual checking of trolley availability, but also helps the service provider replenish trolleys at specific locations in a timely manner. This improves the overall level of trolley availability for passengers, which in turn provides a pleasant airport experience for passengers.