Airfield Ground Lighting (AGL) is one of the critical assets in HKIA. A common practice to conduct checking of AGL relies on manual and visual inspection. However, due to the short maintenance window of the airport, it poses a challenge for frequent inspection of the over 12,700 nos. of AGLs within a short period of time.

Automated Airfield Ground Lighting Scanning and Inspection System (AGLSIS) was developed by the Airport Authority and a software company located in Hong Kong Science Park. It is the world’s first automated system to conduct scanning and inspection of AGL. The system comprises a high-throughput scanning machine installed on a rover towed by a vehicle, and a remote computer server. The rover scans the AGL at high speed, sending data to the server for processing. This design reduces the laborious and inefficient manual labelling, and opens up a new solution for high precision machine inspection.

A short-term patent of the design was granted in Hong Kong, while patents for other countries are currently being arranged.